Sunday, 5 March 2017

Treating a injured mouse or rat toe nail.

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what to do.

so climbing running or even playing can cause this,

   After you put aside the fright you got with all the blood around the cage\aquarium pick up the injured mouse\rat. Put a small bit of  luke warm water in a container and place the rodent into it, doing this will wash a bit of the dirt they didn't get out of it.
    Take the rodent out after one minute (there may still be a bit of blood.. DO NOT PANIC) after this grab your styptic powder(link to this powder is down below) if you don't have this use corn flower or normal baking flower, apply to injured toe nail,
     This will be hard so try have it in that tub you used earlier and let the rodent walk around in it. To check if the the bleeding has stopped  you might have to put a small bit of pressure on the foot, if the bleeding hasn't stopped keep putting the styptic powder on. 

    When the bleeding stops put some Neosporin on, and leave dry, try and not leave your rodent clean it off. 

How long will the healing process take?

The healing process will take quit a long time just like humans! while the injured animal is healing just keep an eye on him or her that they have not opened the cut again!

links to treatment:

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1 ounce cost $6.79
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Styptic powder: (On Amazon) 
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hope u found this helpful,
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